Soft and Serene Southport

Minimal 'Scape


It’s sometimes possible when editing photos on a computer to look too much at the histogram and not at the actual image. We can focus on highlights and blacks, and on getting a good spread of tones, which is all rather academic. What you really need to do is concentrate on the final image and how you see it. I loved the soft tones of the RAW image for this shot and decided to try and enhance the gentle tones and light…

Along Southport Pier

Along the Pier


It is rather disappointing that Southport Pier is closed at 5:30 this time of year. There’s still plenty of light left, and what could be better than watching the sun go down from the vantage point of the second longest pier in Britain? But as I was grabbing this last minute shot every visitor was being herded towards the exit by a not very happy council employee. As I waited for this ‘gentleman’ to pass out of shot he threatened to lock me in if I didn’t move. Is it any wonder that Southport is seeing less and less visitors to the town. We should be making the most of this wonderful Victorian heritage, encouraging people to make to most of it. It’s got lights (not that they are switched on), so why not use them and keep visitors coming until they are ready to go. Perhaps keeping the pier open until after sunset and a few hot food stalls at the beach end of the pier to warm up later visitors would ¬†help to make this an attraction once again, rather than a distasteful experience…

Above the Fence

Above the Fence


En-route to see a client yesterday I took my constitutional 5 minutes to stop at Ainsdale beach. There was total cloud cover and not a lot of light. I noticed a few gulls following the shore line so I went for a longer zoom to capture them flying above the fence line.

Solitary Shell, Southport

Solitary Shell

Southport and Ainsdale beaches are vast, flat and featureless. As a photographer you have to latch onto any object of interest, even if it is a solitary shell in the middle of that vast, featureless expanse of sand. It’s a good job I like minimal photographs as the Sefton coast lends itself to this sort of shot!

Contemplative – Another Place, Crosby

Another Place, Crosby

Crosby’s Another Place installation can look quite harsh from up close. The metal bodies spread along the tide line are covered in barnacles and hard in profile and presence. In this shot I decided to single out one statue and soften what was already a fairly soft image. The resultant image is easier on the eye, more restful to look at.